Terrorist Attacks in Spain

Spanish police on Friday shot and killed five people carrying bomb belts who were connected to a pair of van attacks that have killed 14 people, as the manhunt intensified for the perpetrators of Europe's latest rampage claimed by the Islamic State group.

The Catalan government said police in the popular seaside resort of Cambrils, south of Barcelona, were responding to a second terrorist attack early Friday when they fatally shot five people near the town's seaside boardwalk. Police didn't provide details of the attack, but Spanish media reported that a car had plowed into a police vehicle and civilians in Cambrils, and that officers had shot the attackers, one of whom brandished a knife. Six people, including a police officer, were injured. The bomb squad detonated the bomb belts. The Cambrils attack came hours after a white van veered onto Barcelona's picturesque Las Ramblas promenade and mowed down pedestrians, zig-zagging down the strip packed with locals and tourists from around the world. On Friday morning, police said the total death toll had risen to 14 as a woman caught up in the Cambrils incident succumbed to her injuries. The attacks at the peak of Spain's tourist season left victims sprawled across Barcelona's historic street, spattered with blood and writhing in pain from broken limbs. Others were ushered inside shops by officers with their guns drawn or fled in panic, screaming and carrying young children in their arms.

After the afternoon attack, Las Ramblas went into lockdown. Swarms of officers brandishing hand guns and automatic weapons launched a manhunt in the downtown district, ordering stores and cafes and public transport to shut down. By Friday morning, the promenade had reopened to the public, and neighbors and tourist were allowed past police lines to go back to their homes and hotels. The city center remained under heavy surveillance.
Spain has been on a security alert one step below the maximum since June 2015 following attacks elsewhere in Europe and Africa.

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