Fighting poverty
Help for local charities seeking funding
Charities have the opportunity to obtain funding for programs that will make a lasting difference to the lives of families and communities in NSW and southern Queensland when the Greater Charitable Foundation’s annual funding round opens.
Funding on offer to charities
Charities have the opportunity to obtain funding for projects that will make a lasting difference to the lives of families and communities.
$20,000 to improve the lives of families and communities
A large number of people who help by contributing their donations to our charitable foundation.
Additional funding for three charities
Aspect will use its funding to help an additional 40 families with newly diagnosed children under its Early Intervention Readiness Program.
Funding to improve more life
Have received funding to deliver new and expanded programs that will benefit young people and families.
Defending the opressed
The land rights of women are violated on a massive scale worldwide, but with particular ferocity in Africa, leaving widows and other women in vulnerable positions unable to care for themselves or their children. Around the world, women suffer the double indignity of rape and seeing their perpetrators face no consequences for crimes of sexual violence.
Donate Children's
Emergency health care
During the month, through the work of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Kutoa is going to be shedding light on the reality that millions of people in the Central African Republic, South Sudan Syria are facing every day in and inviting everyone to become involved in a small way.
Giving kids a chance
The possibility that each child brings is phenominal. Inventions, cures, and concepts we have not even considered could be resting within the mind of a child that doesn't have enough to eat, doesn't know how to read, or is in danger of being forced to serve as a child soldier.
Suppoting self-sustainability
Establishing a means for a family to have food for themselves or things that they can raise and sell at market is a good fit.
Literacy for life
Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning. It is fully essential to social and human development in its ability to transform lives. For individuals, families, and societies alike, it is an instrument of empowerment to improve one’s health, one’s income, and one’s relationship with the world.
Caring for the youngest children
Caring for the youngest and most vulnerable among us is about more than the survival of a species - it's about investing in person and what that person could become.
Aiding children around the world
Children must have a right to a quality education to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to realize their full potential. We believe that this is every child’s right, regardless of gender, ethnicity, social class, income, if they live in conflict zones, or if they’ve been displaced by disaster.
International Hospital Assistance
Borderless health care
There are many factors that prevent people from having access to health care. Wealth, geography, religious or political affiliation, military conflict or environmental catastrophe are among the many reasons people cannot access care.
Starlight hospital
This funding will enable Starlight to continue to deliver its Ward Connection diversional therapy program to seven hospitals in the Hunter, North Coast, New England, Central Coast and Gold Coast regions, plus the introduction of regular visits to Taree Hospital for the first time.
Medical assistance on site
In case emergency medical assistance on the spot is urgently needed by the best specialists in their field from the best hospitals.
The best equipment and transport for help
The population of the whole world is provided with mobile transport, mobile laboratories, everything possible is done to provide prompt assistance to the people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.
Medical equipment
Modern equipment can prevent serious illnesses to the population, cure diseases, eliminate symptoms, and completely be healthy in the end.
Air ambulance and medical equipment
What people know is the applicable means for emergency medical equipment installed on the airplane. This helps to transport a large number of people in a modern and fast manner, without fear for their life and health.
Humanitarian assistance
Food security amidst crisis
For most reading this, food shortage is not an issue but then most reading this are not living through a military conflict, disease, drought, infestation or other natural disaster. That being said, many do face the reality that when such crises occur, access to food can not only be difficult, it can be impossible.
Gives a drink of water as they are airlifted
Humanitarian aid spans a wide range of activities, including providing food aid, healthcare or protection. The majority of aid is provided in the form of in-kind goods or assistance, with cash and vouchers only comprising 6% of total humanitarian spending.
Help to the population
In emergencies caused by natural disasters or wars, we work to secure sufficient nutrition, basic necessities, health care, clean water and accommodation for people and communities in the areas that have suffered the most.
Additional humanitarian assistance
Will help to provide safe drinking water and promote safe hygiene practices in high-risk areas.
Urgent assistance
Urgent humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the earthquakes and tsunami with everything necessary to normalize the life of the provision.
Gratuitous help
To meet the needs of the vulnerable population, everything is being done, medicine, volunteers are being attracted, there is immeasurable assistance on the spot in the hearths where it really is needed.