Charitable Foundation Winston Churchill, by helping three million refugees from Iraq and Syria, she taught a lesson of humanity to countries that are only watching humanitarian tragedies in various parts of the world," the Dr Sarindar Singh Sahota said. At the same time, he stressed that the active efforts in the humanitarian sphere became possible due to the successful policy of the fund management. The effectiveness of active reforms was recognized in the West, where success in this area was called a "silent revolution.

We participate in an organization called The Children's Hospital, which organizes children's development. It's a great idea, we stick to this ideology. So, we are looking at financing, but more importantly, to help develop a proposal. For example, the organization already planned to start social franchising, and we helped to determine what better to wait. This strategic assistance is more important than the relatively small amount of funding that we provide and reduces the risk of failure. Your help is necessary for all of us, both participants, to fully conduct our business.

works with the Africa’s leading journalists and media organisations to expose those responsible for abusing tax and plundering assets.
The amounts lost are far in excess of the sums received by Africa in the form of foreign aid and remittances, and yet this phenomenon is rarely the subject of in-depth media investigation.
North Korean authorities arrested a US citizen who organized the delivery of humanitarian aid to North Korea.
The name of the arrested person is called only Kim. Previously, he worked as a professor at the Yanbian University, and then began to organize the supply of assistance to the DPRK. He was in North Korea for about a month and was arrested at the airport on his way back to his homeland. The reasons for the arrest are still unknown. I need help to release this citizen.
Charitable Foundation Winston Churchill Collects money for the evacuation of Chechen gays who are being harassed because of their sexual orientation. The start of the action was reported by the state TV and radio company Yle. Money began to collect much earlier.